How to Pick the Best Fandom Cat Names?

For ways on how to name your white cat and for some examples of cute white cat names, read the article below. You’ll find out more about white cats and get inspiration on what to name your adorable white feline!



Yes, it could be tough to pick a perfect name for a cat, luckily if you have a white cat, plenty of suggestions might help you. Having this cute feline friend could be a joy to everyone in the house and so naming a friend might excite everyone as well. Here, you can find numbers of cute white cat names, either for male, female or unisex ones.

Folklore About White Cats 

First and foremost, let’s talk a bit about some folklore associated with the white cat. Here we go!
Good Luck or Bad Luck?
In some countries, particularly in England, most school children believe that once they encounter a white cat on their way to school, a trouble wasn’t far behind.
On the other hand, it is bad luck to see a white cat at night time, mostly believed by Americans. Besides, people from America do also think that it is good luck if you see a white cat on the road during the day. And dreaming about a white cat is also a sign of good luck.
In terms of mythology, the white cats accepted the orders and attended the Celtic Goddess Cerridwen.

How to Choose Names for White Cat?

If you are having trouble naming your white cat, like how you were troubled looking for the best orange cat names, there could be specific ways on how to make the process a lot easier. In fact, narrowing down a large list of cute white cat names could be possible by merely looking at your kitten’s appearance.

Consider some of the suggestions or tips below:

For playful and evil cats, they are the ones who seem to have the devil in them and are playing and causing havoc all the time. In that case, you can give them names such as Eve or Ice Queen.

On the other hand, if the cats depict pristine beauty and great personalities, they also convey a sense of innocence. So, a name like Angel and Nun could fit them.  

For mystical names, some cats seem to look at you with amazing eyes and they seemingly know your secrets. There could be something mystical about them making Freyja and Moonlight appropriate names for them.

And if you have elusive and evasive cats, these are the ones that always stay away or hide in the shadows, Casper and Lightning are great picks.

Indeed, by simply knowing your cat, picking the best name can be done quickly.

Cute White Cat Names: Male, Female and Unisex Examples

And for some examples of cute white cat names that you can choose from, consider the following suggestions.

If you have male, white cats, you could name them with: 

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    Blizzard. Well, the power of a snowstorm is indeed an evocative name for a male kitty.
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    White Lightning. This is also considered as a powerful name fitting to a white male cat.
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    Bear. If your cat reminds you of a polar bear, then this one is a great pick.
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    Everest. You can also name your cat after the highest peak all over the world.
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    Yeti. Choosing a name which belongs to the abominable snowman is a wise idea too..
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    Stormy. Male cats could also be given with such strong weather names.
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    Shiro. And for a cute Japanese name for a cat, try this one too.

For female, white cats, some names are:

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    Misty. This name could lend an ethereal quality to such mysterious creatures.
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    Luna. Does your cat remind you of the moon? If yes, you could pick the Spanish name for the said heavenly body.
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    Ororo. You might as well go with the civilian name of a character from X-Men who often dresses in white or white cat names from movies too.
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    Snow White. For white female cats, this fairy tale character suits them well. Indeed, best fandom cat names are great choices too.
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    Crystal. This is considered as a lovely name which evokes human qualities and brings to mind the precious stone.
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    Elsa. This name is so cute since and could fit your white cat because this Disney princess loves snow and ice.

And for unisex cute yet famous white cat names, here are as follow:

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    Snowball. For cute and cuddly cats, this name is excellent.
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    Tic Tac. Isn’t it great to name your cat after the white mint that almost all of us know and love?
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    Vanilla. The said sweet flavoring suits those sweetly tempered white cats.
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    Fluffy. This is considered as the perfect name for a furry and adorable cat.
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    Eskimo. This is ideal for white cats which are fluffy the same with Eskimo clothing.

Final Thoughts

So, have you found the best one from the list of cute white cat names above? This could be a great help if you are having a hard time naming your adorable feline friend. Or, you might be inspired by the listed names, and you can come up with your own one.

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