Best Kitten Food

  With so many cat food brands that claim to carry healthy and high-quality kitten food, choosing the best product for your treasured furry friend seems a daunting and stressful task. Well, not anymore! Our buying guide along with the list of best kitten food is sure to save you more time and energy. So, continue reading to learn more.


   As your kitten gradually grows, it is necessary and vital to give him the best kitten food that is rich in nutrients. It must be based on the presence of a proper amount of low fat, vitamin, and minerals, as well as on high animal apportioned. Avoid foods with artificial color or flavor because these would harm your kitten's body.

   Various types of kitten food are nearly available in the market. Homemade kitten foods are a good option, but those with busy schedules may find ready-made foods hassle-free and more comfortable. You should invest in a kitty food with essential vitamins and a high rate of protein, though.

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A Little Background about Kitten Food

   As soon as your lovable kitten leaves the milk or kitten formula recipes, you need to provide her with soft chewable protein to keep her right growth. In order to determine the ideal food, understand his needs in line with his food habit, body weight, and health condition.

Dry Food or Wet Food?

Let's dig more into these two types of kitten food:

Dry Food

  The most popular choice as you can leave it all day for your kitten to bite. This makes a good alternative for time-sensitive pet owners with hectic lifestyles. It is nutrient-packed, which suits your kitten's palate and body.

  Kibble that is grain-low and high in meat gives the best nutrition for the pet. Although, dry cat food contains less moisture and protein, as well as more carbs. It may also incapable of proceeding with the many different chemical processes highly required for building and maintaining tissues.

Wet Food 

It is also called canned pet food and contains more moisture. However, it doesn't necessarily mean that wet kitten foods are useless. Their high moisture content is one of its most important strength. Meaning to say, the cats won't have a thirst mechanism. 

Another drawback, wet foods tend to spoil easily and are costlier.

Should You Feed Your Kitty with Adult Cat Food?

I've been receiving this question among cat owners, and here's my piece. 

  According to professionals, you need to give your kittens a diet specially designed to meet their protein and calorie requirements. Cat foods are catered towards the need for grown cats, while kitten foods are specifically made for the young minds and bodies of kittens. So, it is clear that you cannot technically feed your cute little four-legged friend with adult cat food.

Foods to Avoid

   With the aim of building a strong relationship with their subtle kitten, most people share human food with them. But, are you certain they are getting the nutrients their body needs? You may be allowing them to be in a more troublesome situation.

Below are some of the foods you should avoid giving to your little feline. 

  • Dairy products ?especially if your pet has lactose intolerance as it can potentially cause him to vomit or result in diarrhea. An electrolyte imbalance and subsequent fluid are other common symptoms.

  • Chocolates ? due to its natural stimulants, mostly theobromine and caffeine. These stimulants hasten the palpitation rate of their heart. Or worst may lead to seizures, twitching of muscles, or tremors.

  • Raw foods ? such as fat trimmings, meat, fish, and eggs, can cause a pool of gastrointestinal issues. Acute pancreatitis is another health problem that may occur due to fat trimming consumption.

  • Alcohol ? may lead to serious liver problems and brain damage among kittens. Never allow them to taste even a small tablespoon since during this stage, their organs are still developing.

  • Caffeinated products ? produces muscle tremors, heart palpitations, and extremely fast breathing.

  • Garlic and onions ? greatly contribute to digestive problems in young felines. Studies have also revealed that intake of particular types of onions might cause anemia and other associated problems.

How to Feed Your Kitten

  Most cat owners feed their kittens by just filling a bowl with food and leaving them available the whole day. But, it is still a better idea to create a feeding schedule. This way, you can easily control the diet of your feline and ensure he doesn't eat too much and gain excess weight.

  Feed your kitten three times per day ? morning, afternoon and evening. You can arrange the schedule if you want or need, but a consistent routine should be established. Check the feeding guidelines as stated on the food label to know how much you should feed your pet.

kitten food

Reduce the amount of food he ingests if you think he is gaining more weight. On the other hand, increase the amount of food you give if you notice he is losing some weight. 

Leave canned food no less than twenty to thirty minutes. Dispose of any left portion. When it comes to dry foods, you'll have a little problem because it can be left out longer.

Know your kitten's food and the feeding tips through watching this video:

Factors to Consider When Buying Kitten Food 

Okay, so now you're familiar with the kitten food and other related information. However, that still leaves a lot of options. How would you know if a kitten food on your front is really best?

Check the Ingredients

When deciding which kitten food to buy, ingredients play an essential role. Make sure the ingredients needed to help with the growth and development of your kitten is all included in the box. Taurine is one particular ingredient you have to look for as it is very important for the kitten?s diet.


Don't forget to consider the flavor when buying a food for your little feline. Look for products with specific proteins like chicken or beef.  

Animal Protein and Calorie Content 

Observe the count of animal protein and calories, too. Ensure the food's high-calorie requirement is mostly made of proteins since it is crucial for tissue building. Conversely, the high calorie content is needed to help kittens gain more energy and grow or develop properly.  

Fat Levels 

Consider the types of fats when shopping for the best kitten food. This helps in increasing the functions of your little friend's body.  

Kitten Food Brands 

Cat food brands that have gone through AAFCO feeding trials are a better option. This means the food has been tested on real kittens or cats with no problems at all.  

Check the Expiration Date 

Read the expiry date and manufacturing of the packaging so you won't end up buying a void product 

Reviews of the Best Kitten Food  

I'm excited to share with you my top picks of kitten food. Check them out below! 

BLUE Wilderness Kitten Dry Cat Food ? Best Palatable, Protein-Rich Product for Cats of All Ages and Needs 

BLUE Wilderness Kitten Dry Cat Food

Your fussy ones will surely be fond of this kitten food brand - thanks to the unparalleled taste and proteins it contains. It has all vital nutrients and essential amino acids that your furry friend needs every day. The BLUE Wilderness Dry Cat Food offers premium quality ingredients such as deboned chicken, tapioca starch, flaxseed, turkey meal, and chicken meal.

Although proves to be one of the best kitten food brands available, the price may not impress everyone's wallet.  


  • Over five different ingredients 
  • Completely grain-free - no soy, wheat, corn, and artificial flavor 
  • Only made from top quality natural ingredients  
  • Also good for a picky eater 
  • Helps with eye and heart development 
  • Ideal both for cats and kittens 


  • A quite expensive kitten food

IAMS Proactive Health Kitten Food ? Best Wholesome Product for Growing Kittens 

If you're in the market for a kitten food that contains wholesome nutrition as the mother cat's milk, then the IAMS Proactive Dry Cat Food is your best source! 

This is the finest quality food for young felines that is full-packed with essential animal proteins and other elements that help kittens develop and grow happily and healthily. The ingredients are designed to support the overall health of a growing feline and help build a strong immune defense. Above all, the tailored fiber mixed with beet pulps and prebiotics promotes healthy digestion and helps boost nutrient absorption. 

While very delicious and nutritious, this product may not suit all taste buds of the kittens.   


  • Balanced and complete kitten nutrition  
  • Formulated with nutrients essential for young cat's growth and development 
  • Packed with healthy ingredients 
  • Offers many benefits, like eye health and brain development  
  • Reasonably priced  


  • May not impress every kitten's taste bud 

Purina Fancy Feast Chicken Feast Cat Food ? Best Nutritious Product for Kittens and Adult Cats 

Probably the best kitten food wet due to its great portions of real meat and is purely made of milk 

Kitties are not the only ones to feast on this delicious and healthy food, but the active adults as well. The texture is crispy enough to keep her amuse while she enjoys the full taste. Feed her a tasty bowl of Purina Fancy Wet Cat Food and watch as she licks the dish clean. 

However, there are some issues where some kittens did not like the taste anymore especially after extended use.


  • Absolutely delicious  
  • Have natural ingredients and nutritional content 
  • The price is a bit low 
  • Also ideal for grown-up cats 
  • Pleases even the pickiest felines  


  • Some kittens may not like the taste 

BLUE for Cats Kitten Food ? Best Delectable, Safe Product for Any Breed and Age of Little Cats 

Even those with choosiest felines, the BLUE Dry Cat Food might be a good investment you can make.  

This diet has got the original recipe which contains 2-part meal including all-natural ingredients. It augments with antioxidant, minerals, and vitamins. Unlike other kitten foods, this one boasts a high protein content - mainly made of scrumptious deboned chicken together with whole grains and vegetables.

It is not completely grain-free, so stomach ache or allergic reaction may be triggered.


  • Enrich with good fat, high protein, minerals, and vitamins 
  • Good for body energy and muscle growth 
  • Includes some amount of vegetables for a balanced health 
  • No by-product meals 
  • Good for kittens and adult cats of all breeds and ages 


  • Not entirely grain-free  

NUTRO MAX Dry Cat Food - Best Nutritive Product for Little Cats  

In terms of ease of eating and taste, Nutro Max is an ideal soft dry cat food. It is prepared with a chicken meal as the first ingredient. Also, it contains Vitamins C and E, blueberries, cranberries, vitamin, and taurine that provide antioxidants for the immune system, heart function, and vision of kittens.

The mere reason for not buying this product is if your young feline doesn't have a taste for this.  


  • Contains real ingredients 
  • Offers both texture and taste that any cat will love  
  • Numerous flavor variations available 
  • Have a balanced combination of nutrients 
  • The price is very low  
  • Good for brain development, vision, heart function, and immune system  


  • Doesn?t suit all taste preferences of the kittens  

Final Verdict 

All of these food products are among my favorites, but the BLUE Wilderness High Protein Grain Free Kitten Dry Cat Food still owns a big place in my kitten's tummy and heart. It will not only fill the craving stomach of your kitty, but also make him stronger, bigger, and more energetic all throughout!

Liked our reviews of the best kitten food? Don't hesitate to share your thoughts or ideas through the comment section below!

Happy feeding day!