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If you are looking for the best cat food for sensitive stomach, you’ve come to the right place. Here, we will discuss important matters regarding cat food especially those that are having problems with their stomach. Continue reading throughout this post, and you will definitely learn more and be able to pick the right product! Here we go!



   As we observed, most cats are considered to be fussy eaters because there is a day wherein they would love a particular food and the following day might already be a different story.

In such case, have you ever thought of picking the cat food that your cat would love for a long time? Well, you should be a bit wary especially if cats are having digestive problems. There is a need for you to pick the best cat food for sensitive stomach. Good to know that with the right information in mind, you can choose the right one too!

Product Comparison Table

Some of the best products that are intended for cats with sensitive stomach include the following:

Product Comparison Table

Signs of Sensitive Stomach for Cats

Once cats have a sensitive stomach, and you are not entirely aware of the situation, there could be specific symptoms as clear signs that the cat is suffering from digestive problems. Some of these most common signs include:

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    Cannot eat
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    Diarrhea and vomiting
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    Abdominal discomfort
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    Enlargement of stomach
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Once you notice these signs, it is best that you should consult a professional if you have no idea on what to do or you should only buy the best cat food for a sensitive stomach to avoid any digestive issues. Do not give any medications which you think could treat their upset stomach.

Causes of Sensitive Stomach

There could be many reasons why the stomach of our cats suddenly becomes sensitive. Some of the reasons behind this matter include the following:

Food Intolerances

Here, the food molecule is not being appropriately digested by the cat, so it is not being absorbed into the bloodstream too. And this results in passing through the gut and out the anus in its almost-unchanged form

Food Allergies

This seems to be the most common culprit if cats have a sensitive stomach. There are cats with hype-reactive or dysfunctional immune systems wherein even normal food molecules could be considered as an allergen.
And this is particularly true for those highly proteinaceous foods such as pork, chicken and beef. Once this is the case, there is a need for you to understand that some other manifestations of allergies might accompany the symptoms and signs of stomach sensitivity.

Feline Hairball

Cats are considered to be very meticulous about their grooming. Unfortunately, once they shed a lot, the risk of hairball development is too high as well. And this could change the way how their stomach digests the food which is being passed down from the esophagus.

Intestinal Parasitism and Organic Disease

The diseases of the gallbladder, liver and the pancreas might lead to improper digestion of the food molecules resulting to stomach upsets. It might as well be possible that the intestinal parasites could block the effective absorption of water and nutrients from the gut leading to a rapid rejection of the watery stools.

Change in Diets

Of course, a sudden shift in the diet of the cat can also lead to stomach sensitivity. And this is particularly true to those kittens since they are still adjusting to the kind of diet wherein they were born too. If you suddenly replace the diet with a new one might affect their tummies that much.
Here are some of the foods that cats should avoid eating:

How to Pick The Best One?

So, how will you find the best cat food for sensitive stomach? Since your goal is to pick the best one, it will help a lot of you know some of the components which make up a cat food formula perfect for those with sensitive stomachs.
Learn these components below:

Grain Free

Since grain in most cat foods is one of the first culprits of sensitivities, which is indeed true with dogs as well, the best thing to do is to choose a cat food without grain at all, or you can directly take out the grains in the food you are going to feed to the cat.


Dairy is also considered as a common culprit if cats suffer from digestive problems due to the presence of lactose. There are cats that could consume dairy and might be able to digest small amounts of lactose. However, most cats are referred to be lactose-intolerant, and even the lowest number of it enters the system will make their entire world of digestive trouble.
And this is the reason why if you know that cats have a sensitive stomach, study the formula first by reading the list of ingredients and make sure that it is free from dairy or lactose in particular, including
almond milk.

Specific Meat Sources

Some of the meats from cat food are likely to cause digestive problems in most cats with food sensitivities compared to others, and that drives most manufacturers to design formulas around different meat sources which are considered to be less likely to cause digestive problems.
It is advised that you pick cat food avoiding meat sources such as lamb and beef.

No Artificial Ingredients

There is a need for you to pick those with formulas that contain only a little to no artificial ingredients or additives at all, both for the exceptional condition and the overall health too. These artificial additives or ingredients could greatly agitate the digestive system a lot faster.

Proper Balance

And this one is another crucial key that you should be aware of. Bear in mind that macronutrient balance is indeed essential when looking for the best cat food for sensitive stomach.
Let’s say, for instance, a cat formula that is too high in fat might be the worst choice due to the increased that the digestive systems should put in to correctly digest the fat compared to other macronutrients.
So, it is best to find a formula with balanced amount of protein, carbs and dietary fat wherein protein must be in a bit higher amount than the other macronutrients.
Indeed, picking the right product might be a lot easier if you are well-versed and well-equipped by these components.

Reviews of the Best Cat Food For Sensitive Stomach

​For humans, being allergic to anything could be annoying. Shark rocket duo clean reviews might be all you need to avoid any allergies due to cat’s hair or your other pets fur. However, when it comes to your cat, you also don’t want to upset their stomach and feed them food that might lead to any allergies at the end of the day.

And now, let us dig a bit more of the chosen products considered to be on top among others in the market today. Here we go!

Purina ONE Sensitive Systems Adult Premium Cat Food

For the one on top of the options, I would love to recommend this product since it offers excellent things when it comes to dealing with cat’s sensitive stomach. This cat food is an ideal option for almost all cats that are having stomach issues.
Also, this one is a balanced food that will definitely improve the immune system of the cat. It offers zero fillers along with ingredients that are very purposeful in the body system. It provides a crunchy texture that is as well good for constipation.
Besides, this cat food could be offered to the cat either wet, dry or mixed up.


  • Omega Six that nourishes skin
  • Affordable
  • Crunchy kibbles which eliminate plaques and whiten teeth
  • Improved immune system
  • Easy to digest 
  • Perfect for body muscles


  • Some cats might vomit
  • Bags inconsistencies

Blue Buffalo BLUE for Cats Adult Dry Cat Food

There could be numbers of dry foods for cats out there, but this one is made to be consumed by cats with a delicate stomach and will reduce the chance of cats vomiting. So, this could be the best cat food for cats that throw up. There might be so many good things about picking this one.
Besides, the formula of this product includes a higher percentage of those animal-based proteins, deboned chicken, and fish which are the needed nourishment for carnivores. Plus, it also has amino acids along with another well-balanced formula to improve the digestive function as well as defense techniques at the same time recuperating the cats from any delicate state of vomiting.
And this cat food is made for all kinds of cats, from kittens to adults. This one is definitely the best cat food for older cats with sensitive stomachs. It has DHA that supports cognitive development in most kittens at the same time glucosamine and chondroitin which helps the joint health of adult cats.


  • No poultry by product
  • No preservatives
  • Rich in proteins and other nutrients 
  • Prevents potency and degradation 


  • Bad breath for cat’s mouth

Purina Fancy Feast Chicken Feast Cat Food – Best Nutritious Product for Kittens and Adult Cats 

This one is designed for cats having upset stomachs at the same time will improve the coat and skin of the cat. Also, it is well-balanced in order to offer all the needed nutrients by the cat. This cat food is also gentle on the stomach, so the nutrients are absorbed by the body properly.
This meal offers Vitamins C and E which help in improving the immune system of the cat. Along with that are the Omega 6 and the fatty acids which make the coat shiny and the skin healthy. Once the skin of the cat is becoming less brilliant, then you should try this cat food.
Furthermore, this cat food is made with the use of natural ingredients, and there are no preservatives, flavors, colors and even chicken by-products. Indeed, your cat’s sensitive stomach will be resolved by this product.


  • No preservatives or additives
  • Omega Six for healthy skin and coat
  • Increase defense mechanisms because of Vitamins E and C
  • Delicious taste
  • Maintains cat body weight


  • Not for lactating and pregnant cats
  • Vomiting might be triggered

Stella & Chewy's Freeze Dried Food for Cat

Though it is not clear whether or not digestive enzymes that are naturally found in raw meat could have positive health impacts, still there is a connection between the raw diet and the improved digestive health, so this product is worth trying for.
Since it is made from rabbit, known to be a novel protein, this cat food is suitable for cats who are suffering from food allergies. Along with that, this cat food is supplemented with probiotics as for encouraging immune and digestive health. And it is freeze-dried too, so you don’t have to worry about spoilage.


  • Ideal for allergic cats because it’s made of from rabbit
  • Safer food because it is freeze-dried
  • Highly digestible
  • Has probiotics for digestive health


  • A bit slower to rehydrate

Royal Canin Special 33 Dry Cat Food 

And another great help once dealing with a sensitive stomach of our dear cats, you can have this food and serve it to them. There will be an assurance that the digestive system of the cat is properly functional and seeing soft stool might rarely happen.
Also, this cat food has fermentable fibers which will not just prevent constipation but will also maintain the balance of the intestinal flora. The assurance of being healthy is guaranteed by this product.
In addition, it comes in three various kibble shapes to stimulate as well as satisfy the appetite of the cat. It is also highly palatable.


  • Reduced stool odor
  • Highly digestible and palatable
  • Excellent satisfaction and stimulation of cat’s appetite
  • Balanced intestinal flora


  • Vomiting might also be possible

Final Verdict 

​And from the options above, I would pick the Sensitive Systems Premium Cat Food by Purina One. I have many reasons why this product stands out among others, but the only important reason is the fact that, so far, it is the best cat food for sensitive stomach for me. From its ingredients to formula and the effects it could offer to our dear cats.
There you have it! How did you find this post? Feel free to leave your thoughts below!

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